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Ambition Skills Camp

Ambition, Discipline, Dedication
(Ambition Over Everything)

Ambition Skills Camp Christmas Clinic. Ambition Skills Camp shapes the lives of our campers and helps them grow and develop as individuals. Ambition Skills Camp offers an experience flush with fun, friendship, learning, and discipline.

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Learn Skill, Discipline, Work Ethic

Always remember to have fun!


Introducing Our CEO

 Born and raised in NJ, where I attended high school and was able to accomplish 1 TOC (Tournament of Champion) 2 state championships, 3 Shore Conference Titles. I was awarded Defensive Player of the Year back to back years. I also played D1 basketball competing in conferences such as Big East, All American, and Big Ten. During my time playing D1, I was awarded Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, Big Ten All-Honorable Mention, Second Team All-Met and just a few to mention. Went on to play professional basketball overseas in countries like (Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria, and Turkey). Now I am spreading my knowledge, love, and experience in basketball to the youth.

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About Us

Our Leadership Training Program allows our active campers to focus on what they love most. Campers have an option of attending Ambition Skills Camp for a variety of lengths depending on their age and preferences. Each of our programs provides our campers with an unforgettable experience of growth and friendship.

Ambition Camp

 The Ambition Skills Camp is a fun and fulfilling Basketball Camp, offering kids in ages 8-14 an unforgettable lifetime experience. We provide a variety of programs and activities, with top of the line training and a qualified staff committed to the enjoyment and safety of all our campers. Come enjoy the magic of Basketball Camp in a caring and inspiring environment.

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Be Limitless!

Coach Sy


For more information about Ambition Skills Camp, our programs, activities, staff, and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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